Riding school’s action after road fears

14 March 2018

A city horseriding school has stopped taking its animals on roads over safety fears.

Cardiff Riding School claimed there had been a number of incidents involving cars and it was too dangerous.

The British Horse Society (BHS) said there had been three riding incidents in south Wales this year.

Rider Ruth Gladman said she was almost hit by a car and now avoids the road.

Instructor at the school Kate Brooks said: “We used to do a lot of riding around the park, we don’t so much of that now. We do much more around the fields and we tend to take the quieter routes. Horses are frightful animals and are scared by the sort of noises made by traffic.”

Ms Gladman said: “I try to ride first thing in the morning when no one’s about. You’re kind of in a no-win situation.”

BHS has recorded incidents involving horses for the last eight years.

It said: “The number of incidents on Welsh roads are, quite frankly, shocking. The BHS runs a campaign called Dead Slow to educate drivers on passing horses safely. It’s important riders wear hi-vis clothing.”

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