Safety concerns about new Cardiff parking app

14 November 2017

A new parking app could encourage drivers to use their mobiles at the wheel, a charity has said.

Living Streets Cymru said the new app – called Park Cardiff –  could distract drivers from the “task in hand”.

The app has been launched by Cardiff Council. It cost £900,000 and uses more than three thousand sensors across the city to help drivers identify free parking spaces.

But Living Street Cymru – a charity that campaigns for walking to be a main mode of public transport –  says it could be dangerous.

Rachel Maycock from the charity said pedestrians could be at risk if drivers were “fiddling around with their phones”.

Ms Maycock said drivers “shouldn’t be doing too many things at once and not looking out for the pedestrians that are crossing the road.”

“Cardiff isn’t the safety city. We have busy roads going through the city so we have fast traffic and we need to increase pedestrian safety.”

Ms Maycock said the money should have been used differently instead of encouraging “more cars to come into the city, which is really bad for air pollution, congestion and pedestrian safety.”

The launch of the app follows a successful pilot in places including Museum Avenue and Sophia Gardens car park.

The council hopes the app will help manage parking on event days.

The council said the app will improve both pedestrian safety and air quality because of a decrease in traffic and congestion.

Responding to Living Streets Wales, the council said it has “a full programme of making improvements to walking and cycling facilities in the city in which Living Streets is fully engaged as a stakeholder. The Council is disappointed that the organisation has not sought a briefing on the full details of the sensor system in advance of their release.”


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