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Tongwynlais tree felling ‘could flood homes’

27 February 2018

A Tongwynlais business owner says houses could be flooded if culled trees are not replaced.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will be cutting down 4,000 trees in Fforest Fawr in September because of the spread of larch tree disease around Wales.

David Vater who owns a café on the edge of the forest, said the trees needed to be replaced to protect the forest, claiming the work could increase the amount of water that runs off the land.

However, NRW says the forest will regenerate naturally.

Mr Vater, meanwhile, claims the Ty Rhiw housing estate on the western edge of the forest could be vulnerable to flooding when the trees are removed.

“The main concentration of larch is above Ty Rhiw and that’s all being removed,” Mr Vater told CJS News. He is among almost 2,000 people to have signed a petition calling for felled trees to be replanted.

NRW said lots of vegetation was already regenerating by itself.

“We don’t have any concerns over the forest’s ability to regenerate naturally,” said a spokesperson.

Work has already begun to widen the forest road by two metres to allow machinery access and the road will remain when the work is complete – another concern for Mr Vater who thinks the route should go back to its original state.

What is larch disease?

Larch tree disease, is caused by a fungus called Phytophthora ramorum.

The disease spreads from tree to tree through the air or raindrops. Larch trees are particularly vulnerable.

Infected trees will discolour and eventually die.

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