University asked to stop locking the dogs out

20 January 2017

A petition calling on Cardiff University to reverse its decision to ban staff from bringing dogs to work has attracted nearly 350 signatures.

Around eight members of staff at the university’s Sir Martin Evans building used to bring their dogs to work before the ban started last spring.

Biology student Claire Astin, who started the petition, says having dogs around the university has “a very positive effect on both the staff and students.

“I personally very much enjoyed having outdoor tutorials with my personal tutor whilst walking their dog.”

Dr Stephen Rutherford used to bring his otterhound Culhwch to work two to four days a week but now has to leave him at home.

He says: “Culhwch enriched the whole environment really. A lot of people really enjoyed having him around and really missed him when he was gone.”

PhD student Numair Masud says he signed the petition because he agreed that having dogs in the building would have a positive effect on people’s emotional and mental well-being.

Professor Vladimir Buchman (pictured above with his poodle Laertis) agreed, saying: “When a student was under stress and they came to my office where I had Laertis, they immediately became much more relaxed and the conversation went much better.”

The university has previously offered stressed students the chance to pet puppies during exam periods.

A Cardiff University spokesperson said: “The University is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its staff and students. Animals can present particular risks in the working environment.

“There are no current plans to review this policy.”

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