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Warm Welcome at Mint and Mustard

Mint and Mustard provides a strong offering of modern fusion dishes which draw on the rich culinary traditions of India.


The restaurant has developed a reputation for excellence in Cardiff and beyond. The Michelin Bib Gourmands it picked up in 2012 and 2013 are testament to this.

Upon arrival we were greeted warmly and our coats were taken to a cloakroom. The décor was modern and stylish, with a pistachio green colour running throughout.

The leather-bound menus offered ample variety. A four-course tasting menu is available for £37.50 with steamed basmati rice and traditional breads on the side.



But we decided to plump for our own selections and ordered the Scallop variations and the spice-crusted Welsh lamb tikka to start. They arrived after around ten minutes, which gave us a suitable amount of time to get settled and enjoy our drinks.

One negative point about the menu would be the continued inclusion of special Christmas dishes despite the fact they were no longer on offer. This seems lax from a restaurant which so prides itself on customer service.

It was clear from the outset the restaurant takes presentation seriously, as two plump scallops arrived in their individual shells. One was in a lightly curried butter sauce and the other in an orange reduction.

The spice-crusted lamb tikka came in four bite-size chunks with chutneys daubed on the plate. The meat was amazingly tender and held an incredibly rich flavour.


Spice crusted lamb tikka

The wait for the main courses stretched on for too long, and we had to prompt the waiter after around half an hour. Thankfully we weren’t disappointed when the food arrived.

We had ordered the pan-seared sea bass and chicken lababdar. To ensure we were appropriately stuffed we also ordered a pilau rice, lamb naan and aloo jeera.

The sea bass was served in two small fillets on top of a potato cake . The fish was surrounded by a raw mango curried sauce and fell apart upon touch, emphasising why the dish had won the prestigious Tiffin Cup.

Chicken Lababdar is a dish originating from the royal kitchens of the Mughal family. It is served in a thick, rich sauce that is lightly spiced.


Chicken lababdar

The curry was extremely tasty and the accompanying rice was fluffy and light. The accompanying Aloo jeera consisted of potatoes tossed in cumin, onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander.

The lamb naan acted as the perfect meat-filled mop for the remaining sauce. The portion sizes were absolutely perfect, leaving you comfortably full.

The vegetarian dishes are also exciting, not the same old monotonous choices you would expect elsewhere. Gluten-free options can also be requested.


Pan-seared sea bass

Indian cottage cheese steeped in a rich tomato sauce and flavoured with fenugreek offers an exciting alternative.

The award-winning restaurant even offers a takeaway service. Forget the standard greasy biryani, Mint and Mustard will deliver delicious, aromatic curries straight to your door.

The bill came to £63.40 for two people, tip not included. For the quality of food this was acceptable but £4.95 for a pint of beer was a bit steep.

This is high quality Indian food with real care and attention to detail. Mint and Mustard is definitely worth a visit, but be sure to make a reservation at this local favourite.