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Purple Poppadom's Pickled Pepper pal is the pick of Penarth

Indian takeaway from The Pickled Pepper

A doner kebab at 3am from ‘chip alley’ is not all Cardiff has to offer in terms of takeaway. If you are looking for one of the best takeaways around, and something very different, then not too far away in seaside town Penarth is Indian takeaway The Pickled Pepper, run by award winning chef Anand George.

Located on Glebe Street, the takeaway is an offshoot of Mr George’s widely renowned restaurant, The Purple Poppadom in Canton.

Mr George opened The Pickled Pepper seven months ago with long-time friend Sue Tasher, who originally hails from Kerala in India.

The Pickled Pepper menu shares much with its Purple older brother, with favourite dishes remodelled for the road and for when, as the menu says, “only a cheeky curry will do”.

And if you live closer to Cardiff city centre and are worrying about the distance, have no fear for delivery is on offer to all areas of Cardiff. To Cardiff City Centre delivery is £3 – and it is certainly worth it.

When ordering online you will find great online only deals containing four Onion Palak Pakora, Salad and Mint Sauce, one plain Naan, one Steamed Rice and salad. Customers then have the choice to pick two main dishes depending on the deal they select, from chicken, beef, lamb, fish/prawn or vegetable dishes.

These deals are ideal for two people but the generous portions could easily be shared between three or four, depending on how greedy you are feeling. Of course, any leftovers can be easily stored and refrigerated, and to be honest, it tastes even better the next day warmed up.

The food arrived at a great temperature despite the 15 minute drive. Rather than marker pen scribbles all over the lids, each had its very own Pickled Pepper label with what was inside written neatly at the bottom, only a small touch but it gave the impression that whoever made the food, very much cared about customer satisfaction.

All recipes offered by the takeaway are free from additives and colourings and are only cooked in vegetable or coconut oil. All of these factors contribute to a wonderfully fresh taste.

The Lamb Kurumelagu and Homestyle Beef Curry certainly had a kick to them, which I found delicious, and the meat in both was extremely tender. Those more partial to Kormas and milder flavours may want to avoid these.

The Vegetable Du Jour complimented the curry dishes perfectly with its slightly sweet flavour and the onion Palak Pakoras were not in the slightest greasy, as you tend to find at most Indian takeaways.

If you are a fan of Peshwari Naan then you must try the Mango and Coconut Naan.

The Pickled Pepper is a great find, and it is fantastic to have the chance to enjoy Mr George’s food in the comfort of our own home. And it is always a pleasure when great food is delivered by helpful, friendly and chatty staff.