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Cardiff bus fares set to rise as services are slashed

Cardiff bus fares will rise

Cardiff bus fares will rise

Cardiff Bus has announced reductions to several of its bus services as well as increased fares as a result of Welsh Government cuts.

A single journey in the Cardiff to Go area is set to increase by 20p to £1.80 from April 20 this year as planned cuts to the all Wales concessionary travel scheme take effect. Journeys further afield in the Cardiff to Go Plus area will increase by 30p to £4.90 for a day ticket.

Cynthia Ogbonna, managing director of Cardiff Bus, said: “We are having to increase fares for the first time in two years. While a large proportion of our tickets will not be affected, the cost of single and day tickets will be increased”

The cuts have also led the bus operator to reduce several of its early morning, late evening and weekend services as well as a select number of it services being withdrawn from the network. 

Earlier this month the Welsh Government confirmed an 11 per cent cut to the free bus travel scheme three-year funding package.

Mrs Ogbonna added: “The result of the latest cut in funding is that some of our routes will not cover their running costs, which means that these service are not sustainable”

“We have been careful to ensure that the impact on users is minimal and tried, where possible, to ensure no area of the city is without a bus service within a reasonable distance”: she said.