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Where is Cardiff's best fish and chip shop?

DB_chipsTo celebrate national chip week the Potato Council have named their annual Choice Chip Awards winners including Cardiff’s very own Yan’s Fish bar and Albany Fish bar.

To celebrate this most hallowed of annual celebrations we sent The Cardiffian team out to their local chippies for a taste test.

Chole Farand, Yan’s Fish Bar

Yan’s Fish Bar, winner of the ‘Best Chippy Chip’ in Cardiff this year has built a notorious reputation not only for its fish but for its chips as well. Quickly served in several layers of traditional fish and chips paper wrap, the small portion for £1.70 was generous and smoking warm.

The chips, of a decent chunky size, were perfectly cooked, soft in the middle and crispy on the outside, without being greasy. Their sizes varied, making some crispier than others and suiting all preferences.

More than 40 years of business has made Yan’s chips close to perfect. There are a couple of tables to eat in, but the chips were still very warm after 15mn wrapped in paper – the ideal takeaway. 5/5

Ali Corless, Riverside Fish Bar

The medium chips I bought from Riverside Fish Bar were tasty. They were crisp yet flufAC_ChipsRiverside_webfy and they went down a treat after I doused them in vinegar before dunking them in some mayonnaise and ketchup. Rating: 3/5

Dominic Booth, Cathays Fish Bar

AT just £3 for a large battered sausage and small chips it offered value for money. Great tasting chips and, most importantly, the right amount of vinegar. Not too much means not too soggy. An instant hit for anyone who loves their chips crispy. 4/5

Caleb Spencer, The Golden Crown Fish Bar.

One of the few fish bars in Ely, and positioned on the main route through Ely, Grand Avenue, the Crown gets a lot of passing trade. The chips are delicious, having a light golden colour, a crisp yet fluffy texture, and a delightful after taste. 4.5/5

Tom Bamford, Adams Fish bar & Punjabi Balti house.

A haunt of many sozzled students stumbling back to halls from the union down Cathays terrace. Crisp, fluffy and not too fatty these chips are great for a swift snack or a gluttonous george. £1.20 small cone & £2 for a large. 3/5 Tom H Plassey Fish Bar- Penarth. Firstly, it should be said that this was a massive portion. Much, much bigger than my face. It was a normal level of greasiness, void of much crisp but most of them were pretty fluffy. 3/5CS_Golden Crown Chips_Print]

Jack Averty, Parc Lane

The chips were delicately cooked and, much to my delight, were not at all fluffy. They were crispy and crunchy and had a great taste. But they were a bit dry and curry sauce was required to get the most out of them. 4/5

Gemma Parry, Albany Fish Bar 

Walking into Albany Fish Bar, you may be a bit dubious if you’ve never heard of the Annual Chip Awards or the infamous Potato Council, which run them. But rest assured, what you can is a delicious great bag of chips.

We think you won’t be left disappointed. The chips were absolutely delicious with a salty crunchy exterior, with soft, fluffy potato in the middle. You might not even need to add the usual generous helping of salt and curry sauce to them to make them taste better. It is little wonder the fish bar was recently awarded with the title of best chippy chips.

Maqbool Sadiq, the Assistant Manager of Albany Fish Bar said: “We’re obviously delighted to have won.

“When the manager found out we had won it, he called us all and said well done to all the staff. We love what we do here and I think that shows in the end product. “We just constantly try to improve and get better, which, I think, makes our chips taste so good.” 5/5


Over 900 fish an chip shops from around the country competed for the award, which were awarded on a national basis.

Kate Cox, of the Potato Council, said: “Here in Great Britain we are undoubtedly a nation of chip lovers and Chip Week is a fantastic celebration of our great British food tradition.”

For a better idea of what chippies are in your area,  have a look at our map of all the chip shows

This map is a work in progress. This is what we have so far but if you think we’ve missed off your favourite please get in touch.