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Could the 'Ball in the Wall' make a Six Nations comeback?

Ball in the Wall

CARDIFF’S iconic ball in the wall feature could make a comeback during next year’s Six Nations rugby tournament.

Cardiff councillor Peter Bradbury, who was heavily involved in the original plans to place the giant rugby ball on the wall of Cardiff castle, is keeping his fingers crossed that he can secure its return.

“It was a huge success, I am so pleased to admit. I’d love to see it make a comeback for the Six Nations,” he said.

“If you just look at social media alone and the positive comments on social media from right around the world. It just gave Cardiff something that no other World Cup host city had.

“I’d also like to see something similar done for the Champions League final. We have always been open to offers.”

Talking about how to bring the ball back, Coun Bradbury added “that it is up to the artist to try and make that happen”.

The gigantic rugby ball, which was designed and created by Matt Wild and his company Wild Creations, was a huge hit among rugby fans and tourists alike throughout the Rugby World Cup, when Cardiff hosted several games.

Since the ball was removed from the castle wall, some people have been speculating about its current location.

Coun Bradbury was none the wiser as to the ball’s whereabouts.

“The answer to where it is? I don’t know,” he said. “It was taken down and I think it was with the artist.”

The Cardiffian contacted Wild Creations, based in Titan Road, Cardiff Bay, for clarification on the ball is now, but they did not wish to comment.

Would you like to see the ball in the wall make a comeback for the Six Nations?

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