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Penarth residents fear flood risk as trees felled

PENARTH residents are unhappy with council proposals to fell trees above the Marina car park.

Vale of Glamorgan Council is planning to cut down the trees as part of environmental management within the town.

But opponents of the move from Penarth Marina residents Association claim a similar operation a few years ago, coupled with the lack of mature trees, led to flooding and landslides in the area.

Soil erosion is a major issue in coastal areas, and local residents point to what has already happened in the town to justify their concerns.

Penarth made national headlines in April 2014 after 150 tonnes of the cliff face at Penarth Head fell 200 feet onto the beach below.

The car park on the marina already has poor drainage, and is regularly covered in standing water that has run off the steep bank above.

In February 2015, Vale Council carried out a similar process of cutting back trees on the bank above the sea front, but the area was left bare and ugly as a result.

Additionally, trees have been cut down on pavements throughout the town in recent months, with some residents unhappy at what they see as a heavy-handed approach from the council.

The council says that it will replant two trees for every one cut down, though not in the same place.

The character of the town, known for its beautiful parks and seafront, is one of the major concerns of residents, alongside the more practical fears about flooding and the impact on local ecosystems.

The residents association has contacted Vale Council to register their concerns.