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Council criticised over Llandaff Fields changing room plans


The Llandaff Fields People’s Hub

A GROUP campaigning to improve facilities for sports clubs on Llandaff Fields  has accused Cardiff Council of being “clear as mud” in their communications.

Several sports clubs use Llandaff Fields, including Llandaff Rugby and Gymkhana Cricket, but its changing facilities have been condemned by the council after falling into disrepair.

The Llandaff Fields People’s Hub, which is largely made up of representatives from the various sports clubs which use the fields, want to replace the changing facilities, but they claim lack of clarity from the council is an obstacle.

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce, chair of the group, said: “Before we go on the journey of looking for funding to replace the changing rooms, we need to know what the council are going to let us do.

“We can’t start applying for grants or doing fundraisers until we know what kind of regulations the council will impose on us.

“Unfortunately they have been clear as mud with us so far. Time and again we have tried and failed to get a proper response out of them.

“Historically, the council has neglected the changing rooms, which is why they’re so dilapidated now.

“There’s nothing we can do about that, but the least they could do is be clear with us now.”

Keith Voyce, membership secretary of Llandaff Rugby, bemoaned the lack of changing facilities available.

He said: “At the moment we have between 250 and 300 kids getting changed on the sides of pitches every weekend, and not having showers.

“You can double that for the number of cricket players who don’t have access to changing rooms.

“The bottom line is that sport will never flourish on Llandaff Fields without proper facilities.”

At a Llandaff Fields People’s Hub meeting last night, potential grants from various sources were discussed, including the Welsh Rugby Union and Sport Wales, to renovate and upgrade the changing rooms, which are based near the tennis courts.

Riverside Councillor Caro Wild, who was in attendance, downplayed the idea of investment from the council, but expressed optimism about the hub’s aims.

“When you think about the kind of institutions that could possibly provide grants, replacing the changing facilities seems very doable.

“It is clear we need to set up a formal meeting between the hub and the council. It’s a new year and hopefully we can have a fresh start in terms of communications.”