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Radyr residents divided over what to do about homeless man

A RADYR resident’s life has been turned upside down after a homeless man set up home on a bench outside her house.

Eve Read voiced her concern at Radyr’s October PACT meeting, attended by Councillor Rod McKerlich and PCSO Jessica Southam.

“I’m living with fear 24 hours a day, he sees all my comings and goings,” said Mrs Read.

“He has committed verbal abuse to an elderly lady who was over the age of 80 and the young ladies are now afraid to go out of their homes and walk to school when he is around.”

Mrs Read was backed up by neighbours who recalled similar incidents. Some described the homeless man as aggressive and alcoholic.

The man, said to be in his late 20s, has been living on a bench on Heol Isaf, Radyr for the past few weeks. His name is not known.

Some residents have been trying to have him removed from the bench and the area. Others have been providing him with food and warm clothes.

Radyr View

View of Radyr where residents are divided

At the PACT meeting, Cllr McKerlich sided with residents looking to remove the man.

“I have very strong feelings on the matter,” he said, promising he would ask Cardiff council again for help with the issue.

“The homeless man said to them he is not interested in living in any council houses outside of Radyr and Morganstown,” he added.

There is a long waiting list for Radyr and Morganstown’s 17 council houses making it extremely unlikely the homeless man can be housed in the area.

Radyr resident Fraser McAndrew, who stops to speak to the man and keep him company, says he has not seen him recently.

“I occasionally don’t see him for one day but it’s getting close to a week now,” he said. The reason for the man’s disappearance is unknown.

Housing officer Sean Wigfall, from YMCA Cardiff, said the homeless man was not seeking help there.

If you would like to help homeless charities here are some useful numbers:

  • Llamau 02920 239 585
  • The Wallich 02920 668 464
  • Hubbard 02920 642 000
  • Rainbow of Hope 02920 494 317