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Look ahead to National Chip Week

Over the coming week the nation is being invited to celebrate one of Britain’s most loved foods.

National Chip Week is an event organized in honour of the golden delicacy, with several events planned that will have chip lovers salivating throughout the UK. Chip-based recipes, advice on the best local chippies and even a chip quiz will all be offered between February 17-23. With UK Body Defra reporting that there are enough chips to fill a 25-metre swimming pool eaten in Wales every week, it is safe to say that the nation’s capital is home to many chip lovers.

Have a look at our comprehensive roundup of the best chipperies in Cardiff:

Fast food hub Caroline Street (Chippy Lane) is a central point within the city and has been acting as a deep fried Mecca for those seeking post clubbing sustenance for several decades. More information about National Chip Week can be found at chip.lovepotatoes.co.uk. View Cardiff Chip Shops in a larger map