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Five-year-old's dreams come true as she gets to meet The Doctor at Cardiff Bay

Roxy with Jenna Coleman and older sister Bernadette

Roxi with Jenna Coleman and older sister Bernadette


A young autistic girl’s dream came true on a holiday to Cardiff when she met new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi filming the show, despite her fears he wouldn’t like her.

Roxi McCulloch, 5, was “giddy with happiness” when she spotted the sci-fi show filming in Cardiff Bay.

The fan – who was dressed as a dalek when she met the cast – was summoned over after being spotted by Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, who plays the doctor’s companion Clara Oswald. The pair took time to sign autographs and books as well as pose for photos with the five-year-old.

Roxi had been apprehensive after the departure of Matt Smith from the lead role because of the imaginary games she played with the doctor.

Her mother Adama, said: “Roxi’s autism means she has to have routine and change for her is scary.”

“She plays imaginary games where she goes on adventures with the doctor and Clara but she was worried the new doctor (Peter) would not like her and wouldn’t want to join in her games.”: she added.

The new doctor has now been accepted by five-year-old Roxi after their encounter.

“Peter then said to Roxi ‘Matt and Jenna have been very nice to me and have been very welcoming, and it’s ok for me to be the Doctor, do you think it’s ok for me to be the doctor’ and she nodded”: Adama added

Her mother credits the sci-fi show with expanding her daughter’s imagination.

She said: “Before, she never played imaginary games or played with dolls.

“Everything was fact.”

“But then for a whole year and a half, her and the doctor have been on a mass of adventures. Adama had saved all year to travel from their home in Leeds for the five-day holiday to Cardiff with Roxi and her elder daughter Bernadette for their half-term holiday.

On their return from Cardiff, the family sat down to watch the episode where the doctor regenerates from Matt Smith into Peter Capaldi.

“When she saw Peter at the end of the episode she whispered ‘I saw him, he likes me’ still smiling her head off.”

Adama said the family enjoyed the trip so much they are even considering re-locating to Cardiff. She said:” We have a desire to move there as we found it to be a lovely, warm, welcoming city. ”

And we are not just referring to the Doctor Who crew.”

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