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Is Cardiff the Affair Capital of Wales?

Can you really trust your partner? According to The Official Infidelity Index 2015, which was released this week, 15,048 people are having an affair in Cardiff.

Cardiff remains the extra-marital capital of Wales, beating Swansea, where 9,907 people are apparently having an affair, Bangor, where there are 6,702 and Merthyr where there are only 278 people.

The number seems to be on the rise as last year it was reported 14,192 polygamous partners had an affair in Wales’s capital city.

Image Credit: www.chromoz.com

Image Credit: www.chromoz.com

The index uses data from almost one million postcodes to highlight the most illicit areas in the UK.

It was created by dating website Illicit Encounters, the longest running dating website for married people.

However, the results are based solely on the data from the website, which is only 3 per cent of the total adult population in relationships and therefore is only a reflection.

The discreet and confidential service target people who are “married but feel neglected” and have almost 900,000 members across the UK. During the month of January alone, over 3,500 women joined up to the website – a record in the site’s 11-year history.

Claire Page, a spokesperson for Illicit Encounters said:

“There has been a clear change in attitudes toward adultery in the last few years, but 2015 indicates something much bigger.

“Women are coming to us with more awareness about their needs than ever before. From their profiles, you can see our new ladies are looking for something more than just a quick fumble – they are looking for fulfilment, they expect something life-altering.”

One member of the site, Tiffany who is 39 said: “My decision to join was made out of frustration. Over Christmas, I spent over 3 weeks confined with my husband, who, after 12 years of marriage, only pays attention to me if I block his view of the television.

Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yourcastlesdecor/

Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yourcastlesdecor/

“I want to feel young and sexy again, I want to feel like a better woman. As my partner has made it clear he is incapable of helping me out, I have employed a more drastic measure.”

The dating website has employed extra staff in order to deal with the record number of new sign-ups received since the start of the year, and now have nearly one million members across the UK.

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