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Gym closure could cost members pounds

View of The Gym when you first walk in. Photo: Joe Atkins

CUSTOMERS at a Cardiff gym have been told to use another branch 12 miles away in Newport while a refurbishment is underway.

The Gym Group, on Newport Road, will close for 10 days starting at 8am on March 12, for a £250,000 refurbishment.

Fitness fans have been informed that they can use their memberships at Newport’s branch, next to Newport railway station, in that time.

But they won’t be compensated for the cost of getting there or receive a discount on their monthly £16.99 membership fees.

Door to door, the journey to Newport’s branch is a 25 minute drive or 45 minute bus journey, which will cost £3.80 on a Cardiff Bus all day ticket.

Those who take a train on the 12-minute route from Cardiff Central to Newport would pay £5.90 for a day return.

For people who want a daily work out in Newport during the Cardiff closure, a bus ticket would cost £38 for 10 days and a train ticket would be £59.

Sam Wigford, 25, who tries to go to the gym daily, said: “I won’t be travelling to Newport. It’s too far and too expensive. I’ll probably just go for a run, but then I probably won’t because of the weather. It completely messes up my routine which is so easy to fall out of.”

Cardiff members currently pay £4 per month more for their membership than those using the Newport branch.

Joe Atkins, 27, personal trainer at The Gym Group Cardiff, said he is not sure how personal training sessions will work in that time but there is a lot to look forward to. 

Staff will technically not work for the 10 days and are also expected to travel to Newport. 

He said: “Members should look forward to a huge new variety of equipment that we haven’t already got access to.

“This will be nice during peak times especially, so no more having to sometimes wait for the most popular things. The class area will be bigger too, with much more equipment, making classes hugely improved for everyone. This gives a chance for the personal trainers running them to be more creative.”

One of two currently free weight spaces in The Gym. Photo: Joe Atkins

One of two currently free weight spaces in The Gym. This space is expected to be improved. Photo: Joe Atkins

Mum of four, Jackie Stephanakis, 33, said: “I won’t be making the journey to Newport as it’s too far away. I joined the gym as it is within walking distance from my house and convenient.

“I use the gym every other day so this is a big inconvenience, I do not drive and am not willing to make the bus journey.

“From the refurb I hope to see more bins around the gym and TVs on the individual cardio machines.”

Mr Atkins added: “I’m personally mostly looking forward to having more equipment in the free weight area especially a new power rack and platform and some of the new resistance machines coming too.  Not to mention the complete redesign of the interior and having motivation plastered all over the walls.”

The view from the balcony inside The Gym, which currently has over 150 pieces of equipment. Photo: Joe Atkins

The view from the balcony inside The Gym, which currently has over 150 pieces of equipment. Photo: Joe Atkins

Leroy Delve, manager of The Gym Cardiff, said: “During the 10 day refurbishment anyone that wishes to freeze their membership can do so for free. So they will not have to pay £5.

“With the free freeze they should save 10 days of their monthly payments which would range depending on their subscription.”

If a member ever finds any discrepancies to their membership payments or overspending The Gym will look to amend this as soon as possible and have funds returned within 5 working days.

“The refit is not going to be an easy task but the results will speak for themselves and I hope after we reopen the members that may feel inconvenienced at the time will see that we care about the quality of their gym and equipment and that we are here to help them get their results with a facility that they deserve,” he added.

The Gym will be closed from 8am March 12 to the same time on March 22.