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Grangetown community centre receives £100,000 donation

Grangetown residents involved in the development of the new Grange Pavilion. The old building is pictured behind them. Credit: @grange_pavilion

A £100,000 donation has been made to help build a new community centre in Grangetown.

Work on the demolition of the Grange Pavilion began two weeks ago, with a new facility to be built on the site by the end of January 2020.   

The new Pavilion, a partnership between Cardiff University and residents’ group Grangetown Community Action, will cost an estimated £1.6 million to develop.  

The Cardiffian reported last month that over £250,000 was still needed to ensure the new Grange Pavilion development was fully paid for.

Now the Moondance Foundation, a Welsh organisation that is associated with Admiral Insurance, have made a £100,000 donation towards the project.  

Ali Abdi, Community Gateway Partnership manager, told The Cardiffian: “It was honestly unbelievable. I was over the moon. For someone to give such a big donation is incredible. 

I have always had high aspirations but at the same time you need a little bit of luck. Despite being optimistic there is that shred of doubt especially with the demolition taking place.” 

Mr Abdi said this latest donation makes overseeing the development more manageable.  

He said: Our team is active in knocking on doors, building relationships with anyone who wants to associate themselves with the Grange Pavilion and it is going to be a fantastic facility for Grangetown. 

I do not see why anyone would not want to get involved in what we are trying to do here,” he added.  

Mr Abdi stressed the importance of ensuring the remaining money needed is made.  

He said: “If for instance we didn’t get the £250,000 it would dramatically change what the building would look like. 

It’s going to be a great building – all singing, all dancing, so if we weren’t to reach that target I would be very disappointed.”  

Building contractors BECT are also looking to involve the community in the redevelopment. Opportunities and apprenticeships are being offered to local people to get involved in the building of the new pavilion. 

Mr Abdi said: “There is a real emphasis on getting the community involved in every aspect of the redevelopment.

It is very exciting for local residents to be able to see the demolition taking place and it is a real opportunity for interesting engineering and a beautiful building coming to Grangetown.” 

Labour Councillor Ashley Lister also expressed his delight at the news.  

He said: “I was very surprised – I had a massive grin on my face. I’m really grateful to the Moondance Foundation for itIt helps us towards our final target and is another feather in our cap.”

  • The Community Gateway Project is holding a career and role models week from March 18 – March 22 at the Grangetown Hub. More information can be found here