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Pro-Trump duo clash with protesters at Cardiff pub

The Rummer Tavern, Duke Street

The Rummer Tavern, Duke Street

TWO Donald Trump supporters were ordered to leave Cardiff city centre by police last night after clashing with protesters in The Rummer Tavern.

The disagreement happened after a protest against President Trump’s immigration ban was held on Queen Street.

A group of around 10 protesters went into the Duke Street pub where the Trump supporters, who gave their names as Will, 28, and James, 29, were drinking.

Both men were wearing pro-Trump hats and t-shirts that said ‘Make America Great Again’.

The incident in the pub began when a woman who was wearing a black hoodie with the slogan ‘Burn 10 Downing Street to the Ground’ said: “They serve racists here do they?”

Later, after further comments between the two men and the group of protesters, a scuffle broke out during which the Trump supporters shouted: “They are the real fascists here.”

Bartenders separated the groups and asked the Trump supporters to leave.

Will, from Cardiff, said he was at the protest to show his support for the new President’s policies. “I followed his success, his candidacy and watched all his rally’s and I strongly agree with what he has to say as a politician,” he added.

“I think it’s a positive for the UK and I think it will help our negotiating position within the EU.”

When asked why he attended the anti-Trump protest dressed in pro-Trump clothing, he said: “I believe in freedom. Freedom of opinion, freedom of speech and freedom to say what you please.”

Fellow Trump supporter James, from the Valleys, said: “It was a lot of people complaining about things they don’t know much about, things they have been told by the media.

“If Theresa May wants to be a strong leader she should be with Trump not without Trump.”

Bar manager Dave Coles said: “It’s not acceptable to use that language, there was abuse from both sides, but the two guys were very offensive.”

Another disagreement started outside when the men were refused entry back into the pub to retrieve a hat they had lost during the scuffle.

Mr Coles said: “It was awful. There were a couple of old people here, they don’t need this, they were just trying to have a nice drink.”

Police came across the incident when the men refused to leave and continued shouting abusive language at the people inside. The officers then issued the men with an ‘instruction to leave the city centre’.

Mr Coles said: “They had already been asked to move on by the police, so the police officers told them to just grow up and consider their actions. It’s just regrettable that people behave in that way, but passions run high.”

No one was hurt in the incident and South Wales Police said there was very little trouble at the protest.