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Cardiff University researchers go red for Heart Month

UNIVERSITY researchers will be wearing red this month as they swap their white lab coats for bright red in support of the British Heart Foundation’s Wear It campaign.

The BHF is asking the nation to join the fight against heart disease and urging them to show their support by wearing red and hosting an event to raise funds for lifesaving research.

Heart and cardio14096.37340.file.eng.400.263vascular disease is currently the biggest killer in Wales. Cardiff University’s research currently stands at the vanguard of fighting heart disease in Wales.

Their research aims to understand the causes of both inherited and acquired cardiovascular diseases and to use this knowledge to improve the treatment of people suffering from these conditions.

Professor Alan Williams said: “Since 2007, the BHF has provided more than £10 million towards cardiovascular research. The money has been used to fund ground-breaking research.”

More than ninety scientist carry out research in the Wales Heart Research Institute. This includes the impact of inflammation on heart and cardiovascular disease as Professor Valerie O’Donnell explained: “At Cardiff University we research inflammation and the role played by the active fats that are released in response to injury and infection in cardiovascular disease.”

“Since 2007 we have discovered many new fats that stimulate blood clotting and activate white cells, and we are nor researching how these participate in cardiovascular disease. “

Delyth Lloyd from British Heart Foundation Cymru, said: “’Wear it. Beat.’ it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come together in Heart Month to fight against heart and circulatory disease. Our fundraising activity helps to support cutting-edge research such as the word being done at the University Hospital for Wales. Every pound raised will make a massive different to the millions of people living with these conditions.”

To find out more go to http://wearitbeatit.bhf.org.uk/

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