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The Cardiffian Cup Final: Tiger Bay Brawlers win the Cup

After two enthralling semi-finals, Brawlers face Cardiff City Rugby League today as the winner of Cardiff’s newest, most prestigious inter-sport vote-off is decided. And who wins? You decide!

the cardiffian cup

“Magical”, “priceless”, “coveted” – The Cardiffian Cup

By voting in the poll below, you can help decide who wins the first ever Cardiffian Cup.

Cardiff City RL comfortably beat their football counterparts of the same name in Tuesday’s semi-final and they will be hoping for a similar margin of victory today.

Georgie Elson, media officer of Cardiff City RL, said: “It felt really good to beat our much better known namesakes.

The Cardiff City RL side

The Cardiff City RL side

“We have some very loyal followers, and we hope that number will continue to increase as we continue to grow.

“It feels great to know so many people voted and we are seen in a positive light! We aim to involve people in playing, supporting and volunteering. Thanks to you all who voted for us, and I hope you will vote for us again!

“We are confident but not overly so.Whoever wins is a worthy winner, and it is great to see such support behind smaller clubs. Obviously we’d like to win! However, it will be a great result whatever happens.

“ I hope the same number, if not more, will turn out and vote for us! We need your support, not just in this vote but when our two teams start in the Welsh Conference in May, go get behind the Blues and get involved helping the blue revolution!”

Roller derby side Brawlers, on the other hand, contested a closely fought battle in the last round with Ice Hockey Challenge Cup winners Cardiff Devils, winning with a nail-biting 51% majority.

Allie Brock, player and social media manager of the Brawlers, said: “To be honest we’re pretty stunned that we beat the Devils on Tuesday, but we know how much passion our fans have.

The Tiger Bay Brawlers

The Tiger Bay Brawlers

“We shared the vote in as many places as we could, and got the whole team pushing for votes! It was so close that even in the last few minutes there was no way of telling how the result was going to go!

“We’re huge fans of the Devils, and want to congratulate them on their Challenge Cup win last weekend. We’d love to do something with them in the future… Maybe the Brawlers on ice and the Devils on skate!!

“We’re looking forward to today’s final against CCRL, and we’re hoping our fans show the same tenacious spirit when it comes to voting for us.”

The voting will close at 4pm today, so don’t miss out in helping your team to victory!

Congratulations to Tiger Bay Brawlers, who have won the Cardiffian Cup! They won with a firm 80% majority. Well done, and thanks to all who voted!

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