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Manor house tracking down photo album owner


Staff are trying to track down the album’s owners on social media

A MANOR house is trying to track down the owner of a mysterious old photo album after it was discovered in a chest in a Cardiff furniture store.

Llancaiach Fawr manor house, in Glamorgan, were a sent a photo album containing photos of life at the manor house in the 1950’s. The album was found in a chest of mixed items at a Llandaff furniture store. Llancaiach Fawr are keen to track down the owner, and are sharing images on social media in the hope of reuniting it with its original owner.

Sean Stevenson, development and outreach officer at Llancaiach Fawr, said: “The album was sent to us by a lady from Canton, she wrote: ‘I recently came across this album of photographs, which I think my husband acquired some years ago in a box of items from a local used-furniture place in Llandaff North in Cardiff.’


The photos give an idea of what life was like at the manor house in the 1950’s

“She goes on to says that the photographs mentions a grandmother, and under a photo of the manor it says ‘Gran’s House’. However, we have looked into it and it more than likely says ‘Grand House’, but we are not sure. There’s an inscription in the cover ‘To Pat, From Jane & France. Christmas 1950’.

“The names throughout the album are Pat, Ted, John, Kaye and a few others. There are photos taken at Llandaff Fields, Lisvane, Llandough and Rookwood Hospital, The Garth Mountain, Caerphilly Mountain, Portcawl, Llancaiach Fawr, and some taken in France. It’s such shame that someone has lost it as there seems to be lots of happy memories.”

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