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Sit back and enjoy a cocktail at Face 11

Face 11 is one of the newest bars in the centre of student land, Cathays Terrace.
Built in a week, small plaques line the bar with the names of all the people who helped with its construction.
These quirky personal features – so easily missed – are scattered throughout the bar and help to give Face 11 a homier feel than the usual stale wine bars.
The mismatched sofas and twinkly lights could see it stray into Bake Off and bunting territory – a plethora of such establishments we’ve seen an invasion of recently as vintage creeps back into fashion.
But Bar 11 manages to dodge this with its wooden walls and football on the television.
IMG_4412This mismatch also means you can be left tucking into a burger while everyone around you is swigging cocktails. But it works, as Face 11’s chatty staff and acoustic soundtrack give it a laid back, unpretentious atmosphere.
Face 11 boasts an extensive cocktail menu with the expected classics coupled with a range of larger teapots, shooters and special concoctions. Although perhaps a tad expensive for student area Cathays, the prices are redeemed by the 2-4-1 offer all-day Sunday to Thursday and from 5.30pm Friday and Saturday. The Face 11 Daiquiri was a delight and with four different types of fruit blended together it felt like you were hitting a good majority of your five a day.
Surprisingly for what seems like a small bar, Face 11 offers a large menu of locally-sourced and homemade food, even catering for those on Paleo or gluten-free diets.
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