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Spring season wine review

VolandasAs spring approaches it seems apt to move away from the rich red wines of winter and towards something altogether lighter and sunnier. There’s a plethora of great whites out there, and most drinkers gravitate towards the sun-soaked vineyards of France, New Zealand, California and South Africa when choosing their perfect white.

But you needn’t move with the pack, and these days great whites can be found in a variety of unusual places. The warm climate of Chile’s Central Valley allows grapes to ripen and mature, and the region is famed for producing satisfying, full-bodied reds infused with heat and sunshine.

And there’s plenty on offer for those who prefer their wines white, too. Volandas Sauvignon Blanc, for example, is a crisp, refreshing example of an unfussy white that comes without the crippling price tag. A bottle can be picked up for just £8.99 from most wine retailers, while a glass will set you back £3.75 at 10 Feet Tall on Church Street.

The wine boasts a generous nose and fresh fruit flavours, with hints of apple and peach and a refreshing, zesty citrus tang. A slight scent of newly cut grass makes it the perfect choice as the rain finally ceases just long enough for the lawn mowers to come out. Pair with fish, salad or vegetarian dishes – or just enjoy on its own after a long day at the office.

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