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The Only Way is Downton

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Dozens of Downton Abbey fans poured into the Millennium Centre’s Western Studio for an eagerly anticipated evening of parody of their favourite programme.

And they were not let down.

The show featured every one of the Downton regulars, all of whom are perfectly portrayed by the brilliant Luke Kempner.

Kempner, who also wrote the show’s script, has clearly mastered the art of imitation. But it is the speed in which he changes between characters that sets him apart.

In a few minutes, he switches from Lady Mary to Dermot O’Leary, then to Alan Carr and back to Mr Carson.

But even for those who are less familiar with the Crawleys and their drama-filled life, there are still plenty of laughs.

Yes, if you’re a Downton enthusiast “it is 1912” references won’t be wasted on you. But if you’re not, you’re sure to recognise the stream of modern-day TV celebrities who pop-up throughout the 90-minute-show.

Although the idea of placing Sharon Osbourne and John Bishop in the Crawley household sounds like a recipe for disaster, the story actually works.

The Crawleys, who are once again in danger of losing Downton Abby, are seen to explore new money-making ideas in Kempner’s show.

Here is where Downton members take part in the Great British Bake-Off, Pointless Celebrities and even reach the Wimbledon final all in a bid to keep the place running.

Despite the action-packed storyline, Kempner manages to interact with the crowd briefly, which gives the performance a personal touch.

At times you forget you watch a one-man show as his performance is simply faultless. The entire audience, men and women alike, seemed to truly embrace the humour.

The show is certainly a treat and not only for Downton groupies. The chance to witness the fantastic performance of Kempner should definitely not be missed.

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