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Need somewhere to keep your rabbits? How about the bath?


Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

A rubber duck splashes about in the bath, but would a couple of fluffy bunnies? Students hosted two homeless rabbits in their bath after finding them abandoned on Malefant Street.

Justin Evans, 21, a music technology student at Cardiff University, found a female jet black rabbit and her light grey coloured male companion walking along the pavement in Cathays. Justin decided to take them back to the house he shares with four other students on Malefant Street and had nowhere else to put them than in the bath.

“We went to buy bags of hay we spread in the bath and we were feeding them with lettuce and other leftovers from the fringe. We didn’t have any bunnyfood,” he said.

The students named the rabbits Sam and Dean after characters of the television show Supernatural. And while the bunnies were hoping in the bath, the students had to hope in the small shower to wash.

Justin put up signs in the local shops hoping someone would call to claim the rabbits, but this was unsuccessful. “We were really tempted to keep them but it was really too cruel to have them in the bath,” he said.

The rabbits were found on Friday January 9 and stayed in the students’ bath over the weekend.

The students called the RSPCA the following Monday, which came the collect the two rabbits on Tuesday January 13.

The rabbits were transferred to the Newport Animal Centre, where they are now waiting to be rehomed.

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