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Cardiff gets another restaurant when Prezzo hits Penarth

UPMARKET Italian chain Prezzo will open its doors in Penarth in March amid hostility from neighbouring businesses and residents.

The planning application process took time but was finally approved back in November. A Vale of Glamorgan Councillor had said they were “mindful to refuse” the application, due to the fact there are several similar restaurants in the area. But it was pushed through with a majority as well as the vote of those from the Town Council.

The development will cost Prezzo £600,000 but will bring 18 jobs to the area, and the company were hoping it would be popular with the town’s affluent, middle class population.

Bar 44

The popular Bar 44 in Penarth

It will be the third branch in Cardiff alongside two in the city centre. The plans also mean Penarth will soon have a whopping six pizza places within a mile’s radius in a town becoming saturated with restaurants.
Prezzo will be situated in the site previously owned by supermarket SPAR on Windsor Road, controversially next door to popular tapas joint and competitor Bar 44.

Bar 44 director Owen Morgan

Bar 44 director Owen Morgan

Their director, Owen Morgan, said: “We would hope the new openings obviously wouldn’t hurt our trade in any way, and I think we are very specialist in what we try to offer to most new openings wouldn’t clash with ours too much. Only time will tell on that front – we will just do what we always do which is try to improve every day and never stand still.

And it is not just upmarket businesses setting up shop in Penarth. Two sites at either end of the town centre received interest from Dominos, who eventually opted for the site of former Indian restaurant Tropical Tandoori.

Pizza chain Tony’s have also opened their new venture Tony’s Taste of Italy on Herbert Terrace. The restaurant adds to the already saturated number of Penarth restaurants, but widens choice for locals.

Foxy's Deli owner Sian Fox

Foxy’s Deli owner Sian Fox

Sian Fox, owner of Foxy’s Deli in Penarth said: “I’m looking forward to visiting Tony’s Taste of Italy, especially as I loved going to Tony’s when we first moved to Penarth – I’m not as enamoured with another chain restaurant – boring – just like any other town.

Foxy's Deli in Penarth has yet another competitor

Foxy’s Deli in Penarth has yet another competitor

Lewis Treen, a 23 year old student said: “I think it’s great to have a range of restaurants, but whether or not they can all thrive side by side is a different thing.

“Cardiff seems to be on the up right now. With Penarth’s close proximity to the city centre it only seems to make sense that businesses are now taking an interest here.

“But how they can allow so many similar restaurants in such a small area is beyond me.”

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