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Lorry needs three recovery trucks after overturning

AN overturned lorry caused delays in Cardiff today as two roads had to be shut.

The A4234 Central Link northbound was closed for most of the day after the lorry crashed over near Galleon Way on Tuesday morning at around 11.30am. The roads were shut to allow heavy lifting equipment through to right the Smiths Waste Management lorry. In the end it took three recovery vehicles to get the lorry off its side.

Adam Hale, whose journey home was delayed because of the tailbacks, said: “One of the lorries seemed to have taken a big whack because its cargo was strewn across the road.


The lorry hit trouble on Galleon Way in Cardiff Bay

“I don’t know if anyone was hurt but looking at the smash someone has bound to have been at least shaken up.”

Three recovery vehicles were called to right the lorry, which had spilled rubbish over the road when it overturned. The condition of the driver is, as yet, unknown.
The vehicle was overturned approximately an hour after crashing, but the road stayed closed for most of the afternoon.
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