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WWE stars wrestle with Cardiff buffet


Scotty2Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay – eating their body weight at the open buffet.

TWO WWE wrestlers have been spotted in Cardiff – piling up food in a city centre buffet.

The wrestlers, Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty2Hotty, were at the Red Hot World Buffet on Hills Street. The pair were seen sitting at tables, rather than hitting each other with them.

Assistant general manager of the Red Hot World, Ben Watson-Wood said: “They probably had about five plates each. Those guys are full on into their protein.

“They were really accommodating, good as gold. Some kids and even some staff had some photos with them.

“They were very eager to get involved.”

The pair are on the WWE Live UK tour, and according to Mr Watson-Wood, they will recommend the buffet to their peers. It seems we may yet see more wrestlers getting their money’s worth in Cardiff.

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