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Too many skips in Cardiff streets is 'unfair' to residents

DG_skips3_webSkips full of building material waste are becoming an issue in areas of Cardiff, as residents call upon the council to implement permits.

Rhymney Street, Coburn Street and Flora Street in Cathays have seen a sharp rise in building firms dominating the terraced streets with skips, transit vans, debris and raw materials.

The issue arrives as an increasing number of potential landlords buy up property in the student-orientated area of the city, to renovate and lease out to tenants.

Labour councillor for Cathays, Sarah Merry, said: “The problem with skips at the moment is a huge issue. Many different houses in the same streets are having building work done and this causes extreme inconvenience for the people living there.

“Recently in Coburn Street as many as 14 properties in one street were being renovated, each having a large van and skip outside.

“The streets are being taken over and it is greatly unfair to those living here,” she said. Congestion on the streets has led to a growing unrest from local residents who not only object to the noise and disruption, but also have nowhere to park their cars.IMG_0010

Residents are entitled to two parking permits in each ward of Cardiff, with the first one costing £7 and the second £30, and are becoming increasingly frustrated the spaces they pay for are frequently taken up by skips.

David Rourke, 45, of Rhymney Street said: “I can understand a bit of building work has to be done, but it begins to cross the line when the whole street is taken out of action”.

Richard Street resident Muriel Marsh, 85, said: “I have had work going on in the house next door for several months now. I wasn’t told when they were starting the work, or when they think it will be finished.

“The noise alone is enough to be a disruption, but the skips also restrict access to our parking spaces which we have to buy permits for.

She said: “I don’t drive but my son does, who comes down from Scotland to visit, and he can’t even park outside.”

Residents have called for the council to tackle this issue by requesting building firms apply for a permit van parking and skips.

Councillor Chris Weaver said: “We are pushing forward for the control of skips. This is particularly important as it will also address the issue of fly tipping. “Fly tipping in Cathays is only getting worse and with increased skips, people are becoming accustomed to the place appearing like a tip.”

Regarding permits, Coun Merry explained: “We have asked once about getting permits for builders to park in Cathays. Other areas do already have this in place.

“It perhaps wouldn’t be straightforward to implement but would greatly impact Cathays, as housing work affects this area more so than any other ward.”IMG_0002

Coun Merry added: “We had to call the police out not long ago because of building obstructions.

“There are two main cases – builders and their building work alongside general restoration work. Plans to discuss the issue of permits for building companies will be brought up in upcoming council meetings.”

Ian Lloyd Davies, Media Advisor for Cardiff County Council said the skip companies are charged at a monthy rate, which is then passed down to their customers.Illegal skips, however, incur a substantial penalty charge.

He warned any skips not placed directly outside their customer’s house must have approved permission from the landowner.

He added: “If residents are concerned that they are unable to park in their street, and they pay a parking permit to do so, they are asked to contact the council and an inspector will visit the property to try to resolve the matter.”

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