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Who deals with illness better: men or women?

Ladies, it may just be time to give your man the benefit of the doubt next time he’s feeling ill. Yes that’s right – there is such a thing as man flu!

The latest scientific findings have revealed that men have good reason to curl up under the duvet and moan when they’re poorly, because they suffer more from illness when more than one symptom is present.

The paper, written by Washington State University scientist Robert Rosenman and colleagues at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce reinforces everything men have been saying for years.

“Women are more impacted by illness than men, unless more than one symptom is present,” said Rosenman.

“Then men are more impacted than women.” he said.

The “personal health and satisfaction” research was based on data collected by the British Household Panel Survey and asked 2,859 people (1,471 men and 1,388 women) about how happy they are with their health over a period of 20 years.

So don’t be too hard on him, he can’t help it.


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