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Residents' anger as illegal dumping reaches tipping point

Fly-tipping in one Cardiff suburb has become so bad, residents say the area is beginning to look like a rubbish tip.

At an Ely community PACT meeting earlier this month, residents talked of how “indiscriminate dumping of rubbish” was becoming a constant source of annoyance in the community.

The issue was then further raised at an Ely, Caerau and Michaelston “Super PACT” meeting on February 17.


Fly tipping is an increasing problem in Ely

Sue Leader, board member for Action Caerau Ely, said: “The rubbish is partly linked to the fact that Waungron Road recycling centre is shut, but also because times are hard and people don’t want to pay to have their rubbish taken away, and when the council say they want £150 to take away rubbish, it is very hard for people.”

Ken Bowring, 84, from Illtyd Road, Ely, said: “It is an inevitable problem. It has always been there. By the park on Frank Road, they have taken the fences out to get the bikes down there. There is always rubbish there and down behind the youth club on Pethybridge Road.

“It was always handy for me, if there was something you couldn’t take, you could take it down Waungron Road. There was a huge petition in Fairwater against the closure.

“Now you have got to go all the way down to Wendell Road near Roath Park if you want the same service,” said Mr Bowring.

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Coun Bob Derbyshire said: “Figures show that prior to the closure of the Waungron Road facility the council’s household waste and recycling centres were operating at 50 per cent capacity.


Fly tipping in Ely

“At a time when the council is facing unprecedented financial pressure it is essential that we make best use of our facilities. In the first six months since Waungron Road closed, overall usage at our remaining household waste and recycling centres has risen to 69 per cent.

“Concerns have also been raised in the community that closing Waungron Road household waste and recycling centre would cause an increase in fly-tipping in the area. In fact we have seen a fall in fly-tipping in Fairwater, Ely and Caerau.”

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