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The Cardiff Pugfest Show

A NEGLECTED pug who had never been cuddled until a Cardiff couple rescued him had “the time of his life” at the Cardiff Pugfest on Sunday.

Korben was left traumatised after suffering abuse from his original owner. He was taken to South Wales Jemima’s Place Animal Trust who managed to find him a foster home. But the new owners were unable to care for him and he was sent back to the Trust centre.

About five months ago Korben was rescued by Bethan Walker, 27, from Pengam Green. And although the initial settling down period proved difficult, she could not imagine life without her little pug.

Bethan Walker with Korben. Korben was rescued by Bethan five months ago.

Bethan and Korben

“It was very hard at the beginning,” she explained. “He was very        anxious and had never really been cuddled so he was quite  aggressive at times. Whenever I would pick up my slippers or  shoes he would hide. He had been abused a lot in the past.”

On Sunday March 1, pugs were given exclusive use of luxury  indoor dog play centre, Action Petz, in Tremorfa. The 14,000 sq ft  arena is the first of its kind in the UK.

Usually reserved for members the park is designed for dogs to  enjoy a fun day out while owners can safely let them off the lead  and stay dry in all weather.

The event was organised by Pugfest, an organisation which holds fun days out for pugs all over the country.

It was set up by Rob Clowes in honour of his own pug, Poppy, who passed away shortly before the first event last August.

He said: “Poppy had her own twitter account with over 18,000 followers. She had pictures of her daily activities.

“Pugs are a unique breed. I’m sure other owners won’t mind me saying this but we’re all crazy about them, completely obsessed.”

During the day, the small and stocky breed could be treated to a makeover and pampering session which included dog perfume and a blow dry.

A dog show split into five categories took place allowing proud owners to show off their beloved pooch to a panel of judges.

Hoping to impress in his new tuxedo was 21-year-old students Karlie Williams and Johnny Pugh’s pug, Winston.


Winston wearing one of his many outfits

“Winston has a few outfits,” said Miss Williams. “This is his posh outfit for when he goes out to meet people. He has a onesie to relax around the house. And today we bought him a baby grow. It’s fab, he loves it.

“I’d like to get him a rugby shirt. But his onesie is red so he wore that to watch the Wales v France match this weekend.”

Entering the “best rescue” category was three-year-old pug, Vince. His owner Iris Davies, 17, travelled from Pembrokeshire to attend the event.

She said: “It’s such a great day for him. He couldn’t walk when he was born and the people at the puppy mill we rescued him from were going to kill him because they thought nobody would want a dog that can’t walk.

“He also has a bad heart and we take him to the vet every two weeks. He has his own nurse and we take him to swimming therapy. He’s having so much fun today.”


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