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The Cardiffian Cup semi-final II: Cardiff City vs Cardiff City

With The Tiger Bay Brawlers winning the first Cardiffian Cup semi-final, they now await the winners of this face off, featuring Cardiff City RL vs Cardiff City FC.

And like the first semi, you will choose who faces them in Friday’s final.

the cardiffian cup

“Magical”, “priceless”, “coveted” – The Cardiffian Cup

The first of the two Cardiff City sides plays Rugby League, and are a new but exciting team.

Set up in October 2014, the club were formed as the result of a merger between the Cardiff Spartans and the Cardiff Demons.

City now have more than 50 players on their books and will enter both an A and a B team into the Welsh Conference – which begins in May.


Will Cardiff City RL win the semi-final?

City have a clear vision and are aiming to bring rugby league back to Cardiff – and may even rival their football-playing namesakes in the process.

The Bluebirds have become more famous for their antics off the pitch rather than their play on it. This could be because of the distinctly average football they’ve played this season, as well as their at best mid-table finish, but it is no small part due to owner Vincent Tan.

Tan’s decision to allow Cardiff to re-adopt their famous blue shirts shows Tan realised he made a mistake, but it was a case of too little too late for many. Performances need to improve for them to have any chance of regaining a place in the Barclay’s Premier League any time soon.

Thanks to all who voted! Cardiff City Rugby League have won by an amazing 71%-29%! They will now face Tiger Bay Brawlers, who won their semi final earlier. Check back on Friday for the final! 

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