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Bizarre solar eclipse side effect leaves Cardiff covered in Zombies

As crowds gathered across the city this morning to observe the total solar eclipse, not many were banking on zombies roaming the streets before the days end.

A bizarre side effect of the solar-lunar phenomenon perhaps? Not quite.

Fortunately for the people of the capital, the zombies are actors and part of 2.8 Hours Later, a zombie themed game of tag on a massive scale.

Sufferers of Kinemortophobia (that’s a fear of the undead) might just want to avoid the city centre for the next few days, as the immersive live-action gaming experience will be returning to our streets – meaning you might start spotting hordes of zombies around town.

Two Cardiffian reporters have been sharpening their apocalyptic survival skills in order to take on the undead tonight, and are hoping they will survive the night in order to tell their exclusive tale next week.

IMG_4532-(Rusty Iris)12

The realism of each zombie requires a double-take

After packing their supplies, donning suitable clothing and counting their lucky stars, our reporters will venture forth to take part in this year’s new storyline, “Ruin”.

The storyline, set five years after the Welsh zombie outbreak began, is led by professional actors who embark upon a mission to rescue the last children left on earth, as part of a resistance movement.

The supporting cast are made up of a host of volunteers who will be kitted out in full zombie attire and have attended workshops across the country to learn how to walk the walk and groan the groan.

2.8 Hours Later - Zombie 2

An actor gets into apocalyptic character

Developed by Bristol-based games designer company Slingshot, 2.8 Hours Later has been slowly spreading around the UK as the nation’s curiosity to experience a post-apocalyptic world burns greater than ever before.

Participants embark on an epic journey across the capital’s main sites following an in-depth storyline immersing them in a fictional world where the undead run riot.

They must make it from safe point to safe point while avoiding being “infected” by zombies – or risk becoming zombified themselves.

Slingshot co-founder Simon Evans said: “Adrenaline and fear will push participants forward but they’ll need to be careful not to let terror overwhelm them; you will need cunning as well as speed.

“In 2015 the game will offer a whole host of new challenges for our players to contend with and characters they’ll meet which will make the experience completely different to previous years.”

Watch the trailer below to witness the scale of terror our reporters have before them – will they survive the night and live to tell the tale?


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