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Gabalfa residents frustrated as students fill up parking spaces near campus

Some residents resort to parking on double yellow lines

Some residents have to park on double yellow lines

RESIDENTS are frustrated with the number of students taking parking spaces near university halls.

With four university halls of residence in Gabalfa, one resident says the areas surrounding the Talybont accommodation become noticeably harder to park in during term-time.

Bethan Moore, of Flint Street, Gabalfa, said: “Students’ cars tend to fill up the street and then don’t really move until it’s the end of term. For example, an advertising flyer will remain under some car windscreen wipers for a week at a time. You have to question how much these vehicles are really being used.

“On some occasions there has been no space at all on the street and people either park in Parkfield Place around the corner or, more usually, have double-parked. This poses a risk as emergency vehicles would have difficulty accessing the street.

“There’s not enough residents parking available. There are about 50 houses and two blocks of flats [on Herbert Street]. Plus a block of six flats on Flint Street, which is pedestrianised so residents park on Herbert Street also.

“I think the university need to take some responsibility by providing parking for students so they don’t fill up the surrounding streets. If halls are to be built and extended as they have been in Talybont, the parking issue cannot be ignored.”

The university added its newest accommodation, Talybont Gate, in 2014. With a capacity of 179 it increased the number of students living in the area. The four Talybont sites have a combined capacity of just under 3,000.

Students are taking up the non-residential parking spaces in Gabalfa in term time

Students take up the non-residential parking spaces in Gabalfa in term time

Miss Moore said quite a few households have more than one car. The additional vehicles from the nearby university accommodation makes parking more difficult for permanent residents.

The university website says parking is not permitted on site, or within a three-mile radius of Talybont Court or Talybont South.

The university does allow a restricted number of permits at Talybont Gate and Talybont North. However if a student does not hold a permit, the same three-mile radius rule applies.

Gabalfa councillor Gareth Holden said the problem has been recognised and is looking to be addressed.

The area has a 50:50 ratio of resident to non-resident parking. He said a new strategy for parking will be implemented later this year and it is expected a new ratio will move to 75:25 in favour of resident parking.

The yearly prices for resident parking permits are £7.50 for first resident permits and £30 for second resident permits.

Coun Holden said: “Gabalfa has always suffered parking problems because of a lack of coherent strategy.

“Like many areas we have multiple pressures, students being one of them. I would encourage any students coming to Cardiff and living in halls who do not need a car regularly to leave them at home.”




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