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Protests and praise as up to 630 homes are planned for Radyr


Some of the Radyr residents who attended last week’s Llantrisant Road site meeting.

PLANS have been approved for up to 630 houses to be built in Radyr on land north and south of Llantrisant Road.

In January, the land was approved for housing in the Local Development Plan (LDP).

The houses will be part of the Plasdwr scheme, in which 7,000 dwellings will be built in Cardiff.

Last week, several dozen residents attended a site-meeting visit held by the County Planning Committee.

The plans were later approved by the Planning Committee in County Hall on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Grangetown councillor, Lynda Thorne, said: “I thought the plan was exciting, but I did find it difficult to see how it connected with the road. I think this was also a concern of the residents at the site visit.

“They didn’t seem to be opposed to the development of housing, but were concerned that some roads in the area are particularly narrow.

“I couldn’t see how all the lorries would be able to transport heavy materials to the site, but apart from that I thought the plans were excellent.”

Up to 104 letters of objection have been submitted against the proposal.

Members of Radyr and Morganstown Community Council and Fairwater councillor, Paul Mitchell opposed the plan.

Councillor Mitchell said: “The previous Lib Dem-Plaid administration ignored advice and produced a ridiculous brownfield only policy of vertical slums that was rejected as it was in breach of planning law.

“They attacked the process and voted to delay the LDP until after the May 2012 election. This was unbelievably cynical because they were going into opposition and created this bandwagon to use against the incoming administration they had left with five years of chaos known as ‘planning by appeal’.

“Developers prefer the geographically restricted section 106 on site works and by early application avoids Community Infrastructure Levy which would go towards the city-wide transport infrastructure needed to service the increases in traffic. The very thing these ghastly opportunists complain about!

“To see them trying to politically exploit the planning mess they created is breath-taking hypocrisy on an industrial scale.

“Any responsible councillor would object on planning and transport grounds as I have done, but you must lobby for the maximum benefits for your constituents if permission is granted.”

Another planning application has now been put forward to build 300 houses at Goitre Fach Farm, towards Rhydlafar.

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