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Warning after latest grass fire

SOUTH Wales Fire and Rescue Service have warned about the danger of arsonists setting grass fires, following an incident in Llanrumney.

The warning comes during what has been termed by the fire service as the start of the year’s ‘grass fire period’ with blazes occurring most frequently between February and April.

Although the fires have mostly affected the Rhondda Cynnon Taf, Bridgend and Caerphilly areas of South Wales, a warning has been issued following a deliberate grass fire that took hold in a field behind Llanrumney High School last Thursday.

Although the fire was put out within 20 minutes and no one was hurt, concerns remain within the service.

“We are trying to work with the community, other police agencies, and the area’s wildlife trust to raise awareness of the consequences of deliberate grass fires,” said South Wales Fire and Rescue Service communications officer Francesca Carpanini.

“People need to know that they will get a criminal record for doing this. It is a criminal offence.”

In order to assist in dealing with grass fires the service has launched its “Still Laughing Campaign”.

As part of the campaign, firefighters will be issued with new kit as a form of added protection while fighting grass and mountain fires.

A short film entitled “still laughing” has also been created in an attempt to warn potential fire starters of the horrific effect their actions can have.

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