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Grangetown dog owners join fight against crime

GRANGETOWN dog walkers were encouraged to join to fight against crime at the launch of Paws on Patrol.

Visitors to Grange Gardens on Friday, October 14 were given cards with an email address that can be used to report suspicious behaviour. The scheme encourages owners to report crimes safely while walking their dogs.

PCSO's handed out advice to dog owners in Grange Gardens.

PCSO’s handed out advice to dog owners in Grange Gardens.

Community support officers based in Cardiff Bay police station gave out information and advice. PCSO Sharon Bush described the event as “like a neighbourhood watch but for dog walkers”.

Dog warden Steve Green said he was there to “get the message across about dog responsibility in regards to owners”.

The Dogs Trust promoted responsible ownership at the launch. Representatives talked to owners about dog behaviour and training, as well as the importance of micro-chips. Rhiannon Chamberlain, 43, from the Dogs Trust, spoke about community outreach.

“It’s important to meet dog owners to be able to promote responsible dog ownership,” she said.

Dog owners Michael and Helen Sweeney stopped by with their six-month-old springer spaniel Floyd. Michael, 53, said the launch was a very good idea.

“When you’re walking around the streets it’s always good to report what you see,” he added. 

The event was part of Grangetown Safety Week and was organised by Grangetown Community Gateway, a Cardiff University team that works to improve links between the university and the people of Grangetown.

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