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Splott residents oppose plan to demolish landmark building

The Citadel, Splott Road

The iconic Citadel building, on the junction between Splott Road and Pearl Street.


Ivy has grown on the building damaging the rendering.

SPLOTT residents are opposing plans to demolish a historic church building and replace it with a block of luxury flats.

Plans to rebuild Splott Road Bridge early next year to make way for Network Rail’s electrification project have raised concerns that the derelict Citadel building might not be strong enough to withstand the heavy construction work.

C2J Architects are applying to demolish the church and build 21 apartments on the land, but neighbours are worried that too many buildings with historic and cultural significance are disappearing from the area.

David Morris, 59, who lives in Splott Road, has started a campaign against the application because he feels the building has too much architectural importance to tear it down.

“Nobody wants that building to go,” said Mr Morris. “It’s a landmark. It’s an icon. It just seems like the developers have pounced on this scenario to put in an application to demolish it and put up two blocks of flats.”citadel1

The Citadel, with its unusual hexagonal design, was built in 1892 and was home to a branch of the Salvation Army until the 1980s when it became a second-hand furniture store. It has since fallen into disrepair.

“I know there’s a housing shortage,” said Mr Morris. “But stick it somewhere else please. There’s plenty of brownfield sites.”

A notice was posted outside the site announcing contractors’ intentions to demolish the site. So far no preparation work has taken place.

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