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Coffee shop helps out book-lovers in Llandaff North

A COFFEE shop has stepped in to help book-lovers while Llandaff North library is closed for building work.

Lew’s Coffee Shop is running a pop-up library giving visitors the chance to take out books and return them when they have finished.

Lewys Wootten, owner of the popular venue, said: “While the library is being renovated, local people can come in and take a book, and bring it back just to keep it going.”

“It’s gone really well. The council gave us a large amount of books when the library closed. We also get a lot of donations.”

“We’ve got a lot of books at the moment. Too many, but it’s good!”

The library is based on trust

The library is based on trust

There is no formal borrowing system. People return books when they are can.

“It’s based on trust.” said Lew. “People bring a lot of books in and out.”

“They sometimes forget to return them, but they always bring them back in the end.”

Llandaff North Library is currently being renovated

Llandaff North Library is currently being renovated

The library is being turned into a community hub, incorporating a brand new community centre.

Councillor for Llandaff North, Dilwar Ali said: “There will be other facilities as well, which will include a cafe and a one-to-one service. This will all be beneficial to the whole community in Llandaff North.

“It’s great news for Llandaff North. We had a recent visit with the council officer and the councillors and the work is almost complete.

“We are hoping by the end of December the library will be ready to open. It will officially open in the new year.”

“I am pleased about the improvement and the benefits the library and the community hubs will bring for the community.”

  • The pop-up library is located in Lew’s Coffee Shop on 88 Station Road. For details ring 02920 555 560.
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