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Grangetown Councillors snub play centre meeting

Grangetown Councillors shunned a meeting on play centre referendum yesterday following plans to appoint Plaid Cymru official as chair of community vote.

Dafydd Trystan

Plaid Cymru Chair Dafydd Trystan

Councillors Ashley Govier and Lynda Thorne, who held a private meeting with a few Grangetown play centre employees ahead of the poll meeting, released a statement explaining their move.

In the statement they said: “We have taken the view not to attend tonight’s meeting as we do not wish to become embroiled in party political arguments and would rather focus our energies on working with residents and exploring ways of protecting these services into the future.

“It is our intention to release the plans we are working on to sustain these facilities over the next few months  and we are more than happy to engage with concerned parents on these matters at a later date,  but we will not be drawn into political battles that certainly do not service the best interests of the community we have been elected to represent.”

Their decision not to attend came after they were informed that Plaid Cymru chair Dafydd Trystan was elected to chair the meeting.

Mr Trystan, who is a Grangetown resident, responded to the Labour councillors. He said: “If they’d been here, they’d have heard me, from the chair, saying that we weren’t going to talk about personalities at all. We were going to talk about the proposal and I can’t remember if any single person made a party political point. I don’t think they did. So it is a big shame that our councillors weren’t here to hear the strength of local opinion.”

Grangetown Play Centre

Grangetown Play Centre

Rob Gee- Wing, a parents of one of the play centre children, said: “Marie Rosenthal (County Clerk and Monitoring Officer) was in attendance and I’m completely sure that regardless of Dafydd Trystan, a Grangetown resident and qualified chair, she would be happy to confirm that Plaid Cymru were not mentioned on any occasion.”

The meeting opened with the organisers’ announcement that they would reserve the right to call for a referendum in the future if the Council refuses to keep the centre open until the end of their term in 2017.

They urged everyone at the meeting to join the Friends of Grangetown Play Centre Group to show their support

But the organisers were left with a bitter-sweet taste. The number of registered locals who attended the meeting only reached 103 by the end of the evening but 125 of those present signed up to the newly formed Friends of Grangetown Play Centre Group.

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2 Responses

  1. deb

    very disappointed in “our” councillors as they themselves made this “political” and using this “plaid” thing as an excuse! This is not over and the Grangetown community will and have united during this, and the “no show” only showed how Grangetown is not represented by the right people. People could not believe they didn’t even enter the channel view centre, but were in immediate area holding a meeting with Grangetown play centre staff.

    Last years electoral list was used which meant many new residents were refused entry to the meeting.

    Only good will come from this meeting as Friends of Grange play centre has been set up and a lot learnt.

    onwards and upwards, united we stand

    1. Totally agree with what deb cummings says above. ALL THREE councillors, Ashley Govier, Linda Thorne (who havent even had the decency to reply to letters sent to her by her constituents!) And Lomax, who also must be in hiding! There were many many more people at the meeting who took the time out of their busy day to attend our meeting who were refused entry!!! SO MUCH FOR IT BEING A ‘PUBLIC’ COMMUNITY MEETING!! At last head count, I counted 192 people in attendance, bt many couldnt vote as Council used an electoral role thats not been updated, so there were people there from the vicinity who were unable to vote even though they should have been entitled to, and the parents from other areas, bt couldnt vote even though their kids use the centre. Friends of Grangetown Playcentre is now in the process of being set up with a view to abstaining the stay of execution to a permanent one. We also want to set a prescidence to the other 6 playcentres across cardiff threatened with closure with a view to linking up and becoming ‘Friends of Cardiff Playcentres’ thats our aim! And just to reiterate whats already been said, our elected labour councillors have YET AGAIN LET US DOWN, and have a complete vote of NO CONFIDENCE from me, they should be standing next to, and supporting the people who voted them in and not fighting against them. WHAT A LET DOWN THE THREE OF THEM HAVE PROVED TO BE. My grandfather, a stoic Labour man would be turning in his grave!! I would also like to thank the 125 people who signed up last nite to our new group ‘Friends of Grangetown’ which takes our strength from 9 to 134! grangetown stands together, united.

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