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Cardiff Bus delays leave travellers enraged

Bus delays across the city have led to a wave of complaints on Twitter yesterday.

Cardiff residents have complained about  delays and cancellation

Cardiff residents have taken to Twitter to complain about delays

Cardiff Bus took to Twitter to explain the delays, saying they were due to “staff issues.” Gareth Stevens, Business Development Manager at Cardiff Bus, commented on the problem, which left many travellers frustrated.

He said:”We experienced some delays and cancellations to our services as staff were displaced due t to roadworks at Cardiff Bridge and the closure of Leckwith Bridge. Normally, we have additional staff to cope with these types of issues. However, as it is half term, we do not have the same volume of spare staff to make the amount of interventions needed to maintain services.”

He added: “Roadworks inevitably cause disruptions to our services and inconveniences to our customers. While we can plan to minimise the impact, the full extent of the disruptions is not known until the work starts. Yesterday, we had our usual running time for morning peak travel. However, as it is half-term this week, we found that there was a significant amount of extra traffic after the morning peak times.

“We apologise to those customers who were affected by the disruptions to our service. Customers are advised to continually check our website and twitter account for updated information.”

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