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Up to 1,000 expected to protest in anti-fascism march

Unite Against Fascism will mark UN anti-racism day on Saturday with a march from Riverside to City Hall to protest against discrimination.

Between 500 and 1,000 people are expected to take part in the march which is supported by a number of trade unions including Unite, GMB and Unison and will leave Clare Gardens at 11am.

Photo: Mike Mantin

Protesters at the Unite Against Fascism march in Swansea in October 2009. Photo: Mike Mantin

Jeff Hurford, secretary of United Against Fascism Wales, said the march is aiming to stop immigrants being blamed for problems in the UK.

He said: “It is to raise awareness of discrimination, especially because we are seeing now, and have seen for the past few months, a return of racism in politics.

“But most of the issues people are blaming immigrants for are nothing to do with immigrants. There is a lack of jobs and there are not enough houses being built, these are problems we see in countries even without a large immigrant population.

“I am marching to defend my way of life, which is a multicultural way of life.”

A number of members of The People’s Assembly will be attending the march and Rob Griffiths, a spokesman for the group, said speaking up against discrimination was particularly important in the age of austerity.

He said: “Part of the government’s strategy when driving through austerity measures is to identify scapegoats and divert attention away from the economic crisis.

“But in Cardiff we have a long history of being a multicultural society which makes us more determined to stop this from happening.”

Riverside Councillor Cecilia Love said: “Demonstrations are also being held in Glasgow and London, with Diane Abbot and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett among the speakers in the English capital.”

Photo: Mike Mantin

Up to 1,000 people are expected to attend the Cardiff march on March 22. Photo: Mike Mantin

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