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Grangetown meets Bollywood

Bollywood is set to take on Grangetown with a storm in an evening full of Indian delights.


Photo: Anoup Kerrai and Sheetal Varsani

The event, which will take place on Saturday evening, is part of this year’s Wales One World film festival.

It will feature a performance by the Bollywood Brass Band and will offer a taste of traditional Gujarati food.

“We are really proud that we have been able to bring something like this together,” said Anoup Kerrai, the Secretary of Samaj Centre, which will host the event.

He added: “The response has been magnificent.

“It is breaking new ground for us. We are member-run, we don’t really do ticketing events.”

The event, which sold out well over a week before it open its doors, was co-organised with WOW Women’s Film Club and Chapter.

Rabab Ghazoul, who runs the WOW Women’s Film Club, said:

“This is the next natural step for the Women’s Film Club. Women from diverse communities across Cardiff have been coming to our unique events at Chapter for years.Now it’s time to take our events into those communities.”

One of the band’s dancers, Sita, who describes herself as “half Indian, half Welsh”, said: “I’m delighted to be back in Wales performing where I grew up and where my passion for dance began. The last time I performed here with the Bollywood Brass Band at the Welsh Proms we had people dancing in the aisles, I hope everyone comes and joins us this time.”

31-year-old Mr Kerrai said the event opens a window into his community. “For me, the centre is in my blood, it is our home. “Events like this highlight the achievements of our elderlies. We would definitely like to do more events like this,” he said.Tom Hurley

Photo: Simon Ridgeway

Photo: Simon Ridgeway

Photo: Tom Hurley

Photo: Tom Hurley

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