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Things to do in Cardiff this Valentine’s Day if you're single

IMG_0817And so it approaches – the day probably equally dreaded by couples and singles alike – Valentines Day. The day when the world suddenly puts so much unnecessary pressure on your love life.  Shops are full of all things pink, fluffy and heart shaped and everywhere you turn there seems to signs not so subtly reminding you of your lack of significant other.

This Saturday, the loved-up will be scrubbed-up and turning out in droves making most cinemas/restaurants/picturesque park spots off-limits to those not moving in pairs. So we’ve come up with a list of things for you to do if this Saturday night isn’t date night:


GV_moon club_online

The Moon Club has got you covered for some irreverent, unromantic, non-mood music this Saturday night with French death metal outfit Trepalium, Hole in the Sky and (the perhaps aptly named) Kill all the Gentlemen. Tickets are £8 on the door.
GV_v day_online.IMG_0842

Devote some time to the true love of any Welsh person’s life – rugby. Italy vs England might not be the most hotly contested match but who has time to mope when the Six Nations is on? Head down to the pub for kick off at 14:30 to drink and shout at the English.



Eat your feelings. Like all the best holidays Valentines Day is a good excuse to do some serious over indulgence to make yourself feel better. Joe’s ice-cream? Madame Fromage? Cocorico Patisserie? Who needs love when you have food…

Geek out – you can get started on the Valentines Day hating early by shooting things in the face at Cardiff Geek Party’s Anti-Valentines Day console games night on Friday 13th at Luigi’s Kitchen on City Road. For the day itself why not head down to the Doctor Who experience to avoid all the couples.

Your Guide to a FUN Singles Valentine’s Day

Moon Club: Saturday 14 Feb, £8

Italy v England, 2.30pm: Saturday 14 Feb

Scotland v Wales, 5.30pm: Sunday 15 Feb

Joe’s ice cream, Wellfield Road, Roath

Cardiff Geek Party: Luigi’s, City Road, £7

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff Bay, £14 for adults (in advance)

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