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Grangetown's businesses face regeneration uncertainty

Grangetown's notorious junction, connecting Penarth Road to Clare Road.

Grangetown’s notorious junction, connecting Penarth Road to Clare Road.

SHOP owners in Grangetown face months of uncertainty after being left in the dark over council plans to redevelop the area’s shopping district.

The Grangetown Regeneration Programme is aimed at revitalising the area’s social and retail infrastructure, which is set to include developments to its notoriously busy junction, as well as facelifts to shop fronts, road resurfacing and additional pavement space.

Local businesses have expressed concern over the uncertainty surrounding the project, which was boosted by a £1m cash injection from the Welsh Government last year.

Pash Patel, owner of Clare Road Fruit and Veg, said: “They’ve put a sign up on the road saying work is to begin on the ninth, but I have no idea what roads will be affected first, or when they’ll be developing our shops.

“The shops around here need help. But there’s a lot of uncertainty about the whole thing, as we’ve basically heard nothing apart from the proposed start date. It’s not good.”

Muhammad Cafdar, who has owned Mega Discount Home Store on Penarth Road for two years, said: “They [the council] should let us know more. All I have is a leaflet they passed me saying there would be some disruption.

“The roads around here are already very busy, and the road closures will make them hectic. I’d like to know which roads will be affected and at what time.

“Passing trade will suffer for all of us. People are going to avoid coming here, and the council have said nothing about how our rates will be affected or if we will be due compensation for loss of trade. It’s very annoying.”

Council cabinet member, Peter Bradbury said: “We apologise in advance for any inconvenience drivers, pedestrians and visitors to the area may experience while the works are being carried out to greatly improve this part of the city.”

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