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10 at 10: #ineptocracy? The best insults flung at last night's Council meeting

Budget protestWho cares that the new series of House of Cards is out today when there is so much political intrigue occurring in our own fair city?

If you weren’t one of over 2,000 people watching the live stream of last night’s chaotic Cardiff Council meeting, don’t worry, the Cardiffian was in the heart of the action preparing to bring you the breakdown of everything you need to know. Check out our coverage throughout the day for the nitty gritty of what went on and what was decided.

We saw hundreds of protesters picketing outside City Hall, a vote of no confidence in Council leader Phil Bale and anarchists (literally) attempting to climb the walls. But as well as budgets and bills, a particular highlight of the evening was the shots being fired by politicians and the public slating the behaviour of people on every side of the debate.

Here are some of our favourites.

1. It was a punishing night for everyone involved:

“I haven’t seen so much masochism inflicted since I saw 50 Shades of Grey” – Lib Dem Cllr Ed Bridges

2. This The Thick of It worthy-zinger was delivered before the Councillor strode into the public gallery and began rousing the public to call for an adjournment on the vote:

“This is the most inept Council we have every had. This is an ineptocracy of inexperienced people who don’t have a clue what they are doing” – Plaid Cymru Cllr Neil McEvoy

3. After six hours in a council meeting, there’s only one way to talk about how you put together your opposition amendment… some awful wordplay:

“My hotmail was very hot indeed” – Conservative leader Cllr David Walker

4. Activists young as well as old surrounded City Hall:

“I use my brain instead of Google” – 12 year old Phoebe Howard, protesting against budget cuts to libraries

5. The meeting attracted large crowds of angry Cardiff residents:

“What a farce!”/”You’re a disgrace!”/”Get on with it!” – shouts repeatedly heard from the public gallery as protest banners were unfolded, prompting police to escort people from the building

And Twitter certainly wasn’t holding back, as hashtags such as #redtory and #budgetofshame started creeping into politicians’ tweets…


Watching Jack Dee tonight in the glee club but Twitter suggests there’s another comedy show on down the road at #CdfCouncil

— Osian Lewis (@osianlewis) February 26, 2015


Cardiff Labour councillors might want to use their hour off to go to the nearby Brains brewery, and see if they can organise a p***-up there

— Mike Parker (@mikeparkerwales) February 26, 2015


Independent @JayneCowan says the cabinet should resign: “You have sat here for far too long. For God’s sake, go.” #cdfcouncil #cdfbudget

— Huw Silk (@huwsilk) February 26, 2015

9. Waiting for the remaining Councillors to take their turn to speak before their mic lights go out:

Message from @ruthmosalski saying there are ‘six lights to go’ at #cdfcouncil – sounds like a bad episode of Take Me Out #cdfbudget

— Ciaran Jones (@ciaranjones1) February 26, 2015

10. Saying what everyone was thinking…

Last nights council meeting was a shambles. People playing party politics with our City. It’s not their City. They are temporary custodians.

— Helen (@airheadhell) February 27, 2015

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