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Canton woman latest victim of bicycle thieves

Secured bicycle

Secured bicycle

CANTON resident, Susan Russell, 69, has become the latest victim of bike thieves in the area.

Her house on Cowbridge Road East, near Victoria Park has been the target of an attempted bike theft before, but last Wednesday Susan arrived home to find one of her two bikes gone.

“The bike shed was intact when I left for work at 8.30am. I returned home about 6pm and the bike shed had been broken into and the bike had been stolen,” she said.

“They very kindly closed the gate, so it did not look as if anything was wrong, but I always check for the lock when I am passing and immediately noticed it was missing.”

Worried the thieves might return, Susan said: “I’ve now moved my bike indoors, if they have managed to see my security locks there is now no guarantee they won’t come back armed with the right equipment.”

The shed was bolted and padlocked and one of the bikes secured with two D locks. The one stolen was tied to the lock with extender cables and cable locks.

“They cut through the extender cables and cable locks, again I am guessing using cutters,” said Susan.

“I notified the police the day it happened. They contacted me the following morning but they were unable to take fingerprints because the bikes cables were covered in plastic.”

From 2011 to 2015, 50 bicycle thefts were reported in Victoria Park alone. In Canton as a whole, 713 bikes were stolen across the five years according to South Wales Police crime statistics.

Susan added: “At the end of the day I don’t think it matters how much it costs, it belonged to me, however the people who stole it consider everything that belongs to someone is there for the taking.”

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