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Residents scared as Butetown teens throw fireworks

RESIDENTS in Butetown say they were too scared to leave their houses over the weekend after seeing teenagers throw fireworks in the streets.

One resident, who lives on Mount Stuart Square, reported seeing gangs of teenagers throwing fireworks into resident gardens alongside Butetown Canal Park over the weekend.

Bute Canal Park, where teenagers have reportedly been throwing fireworks.

Butetown Canal Park where teenagers have been throwing fireworks. Source: Stuart Herbert, flickr.com

He said: “It was all going on around the back of the youth centre and Cardiff Bay police station.

“I rang 101 on Saturday night because there were gangs of nearly 25 teenagers, who were no older than 16, throwing fireworks into the gardens.”

A spokesman for South Wales Police said they were aware of several incidents involving fireworks in the area at the weekend but more officers had been patrolling the streets ready to tackle problems.

One mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she didn’t leave her house over the weekend and was too afraid to let her young children go to the firework display at Butetown Community Centre on Friday night.

“It’s awful round here. I didn’t see any police patrolling over the weekend so we didn’t go outside because they were throwing the fireworks around in the streets.

“They’re crazy in Butetown. I couldn’t even get to my car and I was scared for my kids,” she added.

Residents say incidents involving fireworks have been occurring since they first went on sale this year.

In October, the balcony of a flat in Heol Staughton, near Dumballs Road, caught fire after teenagers threw fireworks. A mother and baby were home but escaped unharmed.

Residents say not enough is being done by the authorities to stop anti-social behaviour in Butetown and surrounding areas.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has been approached for comment.

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