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Fairwater residents losing pay over unreliable buses

The 61 bus was on time at both 9.28am and 9.38am this morning

FAIRWATER residents are concerned by the quality of bus services operating in the area.

The reliability of the services is causing some commuters to be late for work on a regular basis, while the “odd times” at which buses depart causes uncertainty for others.

Jordan Isaacs, 22, of Pentrebane Road, says he is late to work roughly four days a week due to the bus service, including this Tuesday morning.

“I went to the bus stop at 7.10am — there was a bus at 7.17am and 7.27am — neither of them turned up,” said Mr Isaacs.

He said that, due to the missing bus services, the bus he ended up catching was overcrowded.

When the bus arrived at the town centre, the 92B bus — timetabled to arrive at 8.08am — did not arrive until 8.19am.

“I got to work half an hour late, so that means I have lost half an hour of pay,” said Mr Isaacs.

“It is constant. The buses never turn up on time, especially in Fairwater.”

The 61 bus was on time at both 9.28am and 9.38am this morning

The 61 bus was on time at Fairwater Green at both 9.28am and 9.38am this morning

Jennifer Barnes, 69, of Fairways Crescent, has been living in Fairwater for 51 years.

When Ms Barnes moved to the area, the buses ran every 15 minutes from opposite her house every weekday. But now the situation is very different.  

“To go into town, the 64 or 65 runs every hour, if it turns up, and is nearly always late,” said Ms Barnes.

“Although they run every hour during the day at peak evening, they run from town at 3.30pm, 4.45pm, 5.53pm and 6.40pm.

“The St Fagans bus runs two buses an hour down St Fagans Road. But they do not run every half hour.  They run at 8.31am, 8.52am, 9.38am, 10.55am … but during school term times do not run in the afternoon.

“This is a ‘service’ to one of our city’s main attractions.

“Where is the Traffic Commission? We are supposed to be getting cars off the road! This doesn’t help.”

However, the St Fagans bus service, unlike the Fairwater buses into the city centre, is not run by Cardiff Bus.

Angela Sims, 53, of Wellwright Road, has no complaints about the quality of bus services in the area — though she does not rely upon the service to commute to work and acknowledges there may be issues for those who do.

“I have never had a problem with the bus service in Fairwater,” said Ms Sims.

“I have always found that I am never waiting long for a bus. I would suggest that Fairwater is better served than many other areas of Cardiff.”

When approached for comment, Cardiff Bus said that the 7.17am bus on Tuesday morning had in fact turned up, while the 7.27am bus broke down. 

The company also said that the 92B bus arrived at Wood Street at 8.15am, not 8.19am.

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